We got an intriguing press release sent to us all about Dreams.  Apparently last week, a 600% increase in the searches for “Dreams Meanings”.


5 Most Common Dreams

The research by Psychic World revealed the top 5 most common dreams we have – and it is often about the workplace. With most of us not been the office due to Covid, that is a weird thing to think about.


The 5 most common dreams are:

  1. Being late/forgetting you have work (64%)
  2. Unprepared for a presentation (58%)
  3. Realising you are naked (47%)
  4. Having sex with a colleague (42%)
  5. Trapped in the toilet/lift (38%)

What these dreams might mean:

  1. Being late/forgetting you have work

Life contains allot of stress and this happens more often than not.  Forgetting stuff  a thing in life unfortunately with us all experiencing lateness in one form or another.

Psychic World believes that this type of dream suggests that you might be missing out on something or not doing what you want in your career.


  1. Unprepared for a presentation

The anxiety dream that hits most people for six.  Psychic World suggests that this means you are lacking confidence about your work. The more this occurs, it suggests that you got to talk to someone you trust.

Dreams are there to push you subconsciously in a certain direction.

  1. Realising you are naked 

The naked dream, usually at school and it suddenly happens and makes you feel exposed.  This dream suggests that those exposed feelings are also due to a lack of confidence, the “nakedness” makes you think you stand out in a bad way.

  1. Having sex with a colleague

Yep, you will still be having sex dreams. The dream usually is not about the sex but telling you other things.

Again, Psychic World says that you want to have some attributes of the other person (your colleague) in the dream.  It could be their confidence and how you want it to rub off on you.

  1. Trapped in the toilet/lift

Simply this is all about that feeling of being stuck.  It can be hard to think about but part of the solution is to find out what the next steps are.  Stuck at work?  Think about talking to your boss about how you want to progress within the work place.

Our Thoughts

Push through it and realise that all have a hidden meaning.  In this current world with Covid, finding that meaning to life is gonna be hard.

Push through it!!!


For More Info

This survey was commissioned by Psychic World.

Who can be found at https://www.psychicworld.com/


*2,473 Brits took part in Psychic World’s survey.