Are you on the lookout for something different with a good story behind it.  Look no further than Alice – Directed by Josephine Mackerras, a exploration on the way society can often leave women in more vulnerable situations and the often strange standards surrounding the escort industry.



Alice is the powerful debut feature film by Josephine Mackerras. It has won the Grand Jury award at SXSW and also the Spirit of the Festival Award at Raindance.

A film about Alice and her life in Paris with Francois and Jules.  Her Credit Cards stop working, she finds out why – she resolves to solve it herself and finds an opportunity.

Last Chance if you dont want the film’s finer points spoiled. It is a great film – we review some of the major points below. Link on how to watch Here


The Story Highlighted Flow

The film starts with Alice (Emilie Piponnier) and her family loving life in Paris. Unbeknown to Alice, that is not going to last long as her life begins to crumb around her.

This is down to the Husband. Francois (Martin Swabey), who leaves the family with no money, home close to foreclosure and will not respond to his wife’s need for help. Distraught she asks for help from everyone close to her but was left in a difficult predicament.

She starts her search for the truth, finding out all her family’s money has gone on Escorts. She continues the search to be sure and finds herself in a pickle – in the middle of a line-up to get an high-end escort job. With her financial troubles she has a decision to make.

Loved how Alice is played and the balance between the light and the shade in the story. Her conversation to get help from her mother was interesting to say the least.

Meeting a experienced escort on the way who helps her journey, she starts living life, She does however at the start know nothing of the escort world – Leading to some some funny and then some weird situations in the bedroom.

Francois does come back into the second half of the film and he tries to reconnect.  The dynamic of the couple at the start of the film compared to his re-entry is very well played.

The film’s conclusion reaches to a crescendo with both Alice and Francois battling for the future of their son. (We wont spoil the ending)



We loved how the story turned its head, with the escort service leading to the collapse of her marriage, to then be her salvation after all.

It plays with the emotions at all points without being too serious.   Loved the play on the light side with the escort sex scenes showing the fun side and how things can go wrong (but not too wrong – a few mistakes).

It does touch the dark side but it has a focus is on Alice’s journey in finding her next steps. It’s ‘ebb and flow’ is terrific and a good watch.

Definitely gonna watch again. 5/5

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