Updates are coming a plenty courtesy of DeNA Co. Ltd in partnership with The Pokemon Company.  Summer is here with lots of new stuff for Pokemon trainers to get their hands on.  We have all the information below….



Pokemon Masters

 Pokemon Masters is a mobile game on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is Mobile RPG where you take on the world with that crucial Pokemon twist.  Build your team and grind for upgrades, further up you go – the more you unlock.  It evolves around the idea of Sync Pairs – so collect characters and their Pokemon to find the ideal set. 


Limited Time – Summer Versions

Summer Versions of some of your favourite pokemon(with trainer) are available via the sync pair spotlight scout.  These two are available until August 16th at 10.59PM Pacific Time.

Steven And Alolan Sandslash

The sync pair of Steven & Alolan Sandslash can unleash Ice-type attacks like Icicle Spear and Icicle Crash


Lyra and Jigglypuff

Lyra & Jigglypuff can deploy Fairy-type moves like Dazzling Gleam, which damages all opponents at once.




Summer Superstars – Story Event

A new in game story event titled Summer Superstars is now available to all players who have completed Chapter 1 of the main story(until August 16th).  It involves competing in a Music Festival with your pair, to detemine who is the best musical act.


Other Summer Updates

Sync Pairs Moves Unlocked – Now all sync pairs will have their moves and skills unlocked from when you get them. It also includes an improved level cap to level 100 and will get you buzzing around what new strategy to employ.

Stamina System – On a trial basis a stamina system has been introduced which will deplete when battling. Also the use of skip tickets to skip battles without losing the rewards.

Bug Type Egg Event – Time to capture those eggs. The event now lets players earn Pokemon Eggs which can hatch into Bug-type Pokémon such as Scyther, Pinsir, Weedle, and Venonat. Also “shiny” rares are available in Pinsir and Scyther form.

All hatched can be paired with the games main character to battle alongside.

All Pokémon hatched from Eggs can be paired with the game’s Main Character to battle alongside one another. Egg part of the event finished on the 2nd August.  

Bonuses – Login daily to receive gems – up to 1,400 gems. Also for those who have not played in a while, a one time gift of  3,000 Gems, stamina, and skip tickets will be provided to all players that log in to the game before August 11 at 10:59PM Pacific time.

Players can check the in-game menus for more information. Note that in-game event dates are subject to change without notice. 

For More Info 

Want to know more about these trainers and pokemon – check out their official trailers. Pokémon Masters YouTube channel: Steven & Alolan Sandslash (https://youtu.be/hoeWFsblqq8), Lyra & Jigglypuff (https://youtu.be/RuHBlGXR9_0).

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