For The People is a mixture of a political management game and a visual interactive novel. It will put the player in the role of a young state official tasked with leading a communist factory town. Rule the town with an iron fist or do you rule for the people?



Gameplay takes place all in your office.  It focuses on the day by day decisions to keep your communist town running.

Resource Management

Each area of your town requires resources, you build your resource pool and decide where to put the people to work. Do you put it in Medicine or Wheat? Do you fuel up your vechicles? Limited resources, if you push your workforce too hard they will hate you.

Pile of Letters

Each day you get a pile of letters from your people. Be it normal citizen or someone in the government wanting resources.  Do you spend money to help them out or save cash?


Party Phone

You have a limited resources and sometimes you need your party to help you. You are not the head of your party but just a mid level leader.  If you do not tow the line, the party will not help you.


Much More

There is more to it, with the story taking focus. People will come into your office and have you read files and make decisions based off what you have read.  You can send the wrong person to jail.


Pretty good game but it feels more of a interactive novel than a game.  Graphics and overall look of the game is top notch but there is not much in terms of gameplay.

It has the strategy to a political situation where you manage your conversations and how you spend your budget. However if your not in the mood for reading pages of information to reach that decision – This game is not for you.

We enjoyed the game in short bursts, doing a few days at a time. It is a game that requires allot of concentration.

3/5 Rating – Niche Novel game, good premise needs work on the way it presents the information.


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Released – 13th August 2020

Developer – Brezg Studio

Publisher – 101XP

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