As we write this we are listening to the USA Vice President debate and listening to all the questions in America that need answering.  If you are American and you are reading this – we hope you have signed up to vote.

For this, we will show how we look at the vote and show some things to remember.  We won’t be telling you who to vote for – that is up to you.


Key Issues – What do you believe?

One of the key things to remember when voting is what the party you are backing believe and does it match up to you.  It is a complex issue and a quick read of your party’s manifesto will show where you are going to vote.

A google search will bring up both parties.

Joe Biden for President

Donald Trump for President –


That will give you the start of what to think about when you vote.  Both sites tackle the issues differently and present the information that puts them in a better light.  Read into it more and weigh up the pros and cons.


Watch the Conversations

The leaders of parties are key people in making the decision of how you will vote.  Listening to the key points that people have provided might be a key thing for the voter to think about.

C-Span have good links on the full debates for this 2020 campaign and the questions themselves.


Final Thing – You might not match up perfectly

Voting in a two party system it is option 1 or option 2.  Whenever you are making any decision look at all the facts and see which you match up with more.

Break it down in the best way, have that conversation with yourself.  For example, think about breakfast, Cereal or toast.  MMMM… not got any marmalade or jam in the cupboard but got some better Cereals.  No milk in the fridge, well that settles it toast.

For a big decision, it will require more thought than breakfast but you get the idea.





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