EA recently released a press release detailing new information on the latest updates to  NHL 21. With any sports game, adding details and getting more eyes requires new stuff. Does the new stuff grab our attention? Read on to find out….


Expanded Be A Pro Experience

Be A Pro is the player’s journey of taking 1 player from NHL Draft prospect to a possible Stanley Cup Champion. EA aim to help up the skill level of the league to make it a more developed journey and a more creative one too.

For the first time in the mode, the player will be taking their character through events on and off the ice.  Just like in real life a player’s journey is a blend of in-game events, impressing coaches/GMs/Teammates and the public with your actions.  There are hundreds of conversations available to lead to thousands of different outcomes.

Thinking of how a player on a good team can anger and be the muscle like Doug Glatt (Goon, Movie in 2011) or just the violent play of the 1977 Slapshot has us wanting to be the ultimate bad boy of the league.

We love the ideas it brings to the table of how a career can go and it keeps us thinking.

Hut Rush

Hut Rush makes its debut with it being the arcade mode to push you to think of Ice Hockey on different levels. It is a quick to action mode where you go head to head for the win.

It pushes it further with the idea of style scoring – the basic way to think about it is prettier the goal the bigger bonus you get.  So Score well.

Also featured in this mode

Arenas – it not just your standard arenas with open air environments (outside!!!)

Mascots – How about using Mascots as your team!!

Added Modifiers – Play with first goal wins or a money puck modifier.

Small or Big Games –  3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 options it offers that variety.


Every sports game has got to have that good simulation and balance it out with a strong arcade mode for pick up and play.  Love the ideas it is bringing it to the table.

Having not played a ice hockey game as a player for several years it definitely peaks our interest. We will be keeping our eyes out and hope to see more from this title.


For More Info

NHL 21 is available worldwide on Playstation 4 and Xbox One out Now.