Last Week we got the chance to play Foregone, a fast fluid 2d action platformer with a terrific weapon system and stunning pixel art graphics.



Foregone is a fast action based platformer similar to the Castlevania in its 2d nature.  The aim of the game is to follow a complex story about the story of the world of Foregone.  You must save the City of Calagan from total annihilation with regret and conspiracy at its core.


Hybrid action platformer and looter – It is a 2d platformer but the loot on the game is terrific. Whilst playing enemies will drop loot once you defeat them. Pushing the player to constantly adjust their build.  You definitely do when you get the Gunchucks melee weapon!!!


Challenging Enemies and Boss Fights – On your initial runs though levels, it will be a challenge.  Pushing through the level and grind down enemies is a must.

Hub Outpost and Teleport Checkpoints – To keep the game nice and tight, they have a hub to go to.  It is where you will be upgrading your character’s skills and weapons.  Skills include healing,  AOEs and other intriguing stuff.  Weapons have the melee and shooting variety whilst giving you other weird options to consider.

The Outpost includes a Teleporter Hub to get back to where you were in the game.  Each level’s checkpoints also has Teleporter Hubs connected to it – every time you pass one it is worth to go back to base and restock.


Death is not the end – Whilst you are going through the levels platforming and looting – you gain gold, loot and experience. When you die, you awake in the Hub Outpost Teleporter and no money or loot. To get that back you make a deal with a NPC and get your loot and half your money back.




It is a grindy game and getting 3 levels in took time to push our builds to get through the levels.  Some weapons suit different players and different run styles. We can see this been a good speed run game in the future.

If you love the grind to perfect your run through levels – this is a game for you.  It pushes you to think about each enemy and the key areas to strike them.  Good Quality Game – 4/5 Rating. 

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Currently Available on Epic Game Store, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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