Issued recently by Sony Pictures, the new video game franchise based movie Uncharted has given us a look at some of the franchise’s key characters.  First the lead character (Nathan Drake played by Tom Holland), and Mark Wahlberg showcased some of the designs for his Character Sully.

Nathan Drake First Look



Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.


He has the signature good looks of the Video game character, good brown hair (slightly messy), strong features for a treasure hunter and the outfit too is a great pick.  Sony has done a fantastic job picking Tom and outfitting him perfectly.

From what we have heard about it and the fans talking about it already.  They feel Tom looks too young, with his recent headline role of Spiderman – however he will grow into this role well.  He already has Sony Pictures and Marvel’s backing with Spiderman too.

Fans would of loved to see Nathan Fillon in the lead role, however since it has taken a long while to get this film green lit – he has aged out of the role sadly.  We would love to see Nathan Fillon get a cameo appearance in it too, just to nod at us smart marks.


Treasure Hunting

They have also released an interesting picture showcasing some of the key treasure in the film – The Cross of the Brotherhood.

Not much is known about it currently but the look of the vault or where it is placed looks well designed.

The Cross of the Brotherhood in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.


Sully Shirt

Sully in the games is the mentor to Nathan Drake, he is a former US Navy Officer and an adept skilled traveller. He is a father figure to Nathan and by the look of it – he has some of the “dad” design to his shirts.

All we want to know is – does he have the “tashe”

Sully’s shirt in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.



What We Love Seeing

Nolan North and Tom Holland on the set of Columbia Picture’s UNCHARTED.

It looks like Nathan has met a fellow Nathan.  Nolan North has met Tom Holland on set and hopefully passed on his good vibes to playing the Character. Nolan has voice acted for Nathan Drake throughout the video games Uncharted and has several other games in his voice acting career.

Lets hope Tom can find that same mesh of putting his own personality and spin into Nathan Drake that Nolan did.


For More Information


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Pictures provided by Thinkjam.