Need some extra things to do with the family in Lockdown – how about some virtual board games. Asmodee present some small versions of their full retail versions in both Print and Play and Connect and Play Formats.


Print and Play

“Print and Play” was a campaign earlier in the year with helpful demo games to help families get through a few months together with an evening’s entertainment.  It has helpful suggestions for those of us new to board games and for those of us who want to do more.

Each game available contains an PDF to print and thus you can begin to play. Each contain a demo version to see if you want to buy the full game.  We have played Cortex Challenge, Timeline Classic and Dobble – we loved it when we played them earlier this year.  For the full list, go to the link below.


These are all FREE!!!!!   Just Require a Printer and some paper.  

Link Here –


Connect And Play

“Connect and Play” used those same resources and twists them into some remote games to play.  So, if you want to help someone who is lonely and/or help an evening of zoom entertainment, these are worth to try. Currently available are:

Dobble/Spot It – Test your observational skills and reflexes by spotting a variety of things on your cards.  (Doesnt Require the Full Game, Use the Print and Play)

Just One – A co-operative party game where you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible. Working out the clues to your team will help you find that word. (Requires Base Game)

Time’s Up – Time to brush up on acting Skills to help you team guess the fictional/real people. Clues get restricted further and further you go.  (Requires the Full Game, Can use the Print and Play for a short session)

Dixit – A lovely little illustration based card game. A game that involves creative guess work and aiming to bluff your opponent to victory.  (Doesnt Require the Full Game, Use the Print and Play)

Sherlock Holmes – A co-operative game where players try to solve a Sherlock Holmes Mystery. Interview Suspects, pore through newspapers for clues and search the streets of London for clues.  (Requires allot of printing or each player to use a second screen). 


Like the Print and Play versions – They are free and just need a printer and your friends or family to have one too. 

Link Here –


Our Thoughts

We have placed the restrictions on each game in bold after each game description. If you are after ideas on what to play – please start with the Print And Play Range they offer and move on from there.  Most of the Connect and Play range has more restrictions for obvious reasons but give you the player range to improvise questions to move the games further.

Take what the games give you are create your own fun. We play lots of different games and we have taken some advice from the Asmodee team before – and it helped.  With the lockdown we all need help to – Keep positive and keep it fun.




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