A Rallying Game that brings back the golden era of rallying? Sound Intriguing, read on….

Enter Art of Rally,  a game that bringing back the late 1960s and to the 1980s age of rallying.  Expect a very stylistic world and adds layers of colour, all from a top-down view.

60 Stages

The player will get to experience the world of rallying from 60 stages around the rallying world. Hit up the slopes of Finland, the fields of Sardinia, Norway, Japan and Germany.

Plenty of Cars

The further you get in the Career mode, the more cars you unlock.  As the player, you will be getting behind some of your favourite vintage cars ranging from 60s cars to the 80s. They all are classified differently depending on ability with the better cars towards the end of the game – Group B, Group S and Group A cars to name a few.



Rallying is all about riding through countries best and worst roads (sometimes going through Towns and Cities) and perfecting a fast run. Each stage in career will have you trying to perfect it and you will be changing how that car drives first.

Changing how the car drives with how hard the turning circle is, how far it drifts and how hard the brakes hit is important. Any new player needs to perfect the car controls before getting good at this game.



With the game’s “Authentic Handling”, you can be perfecting the Scandinavian flick, counter steering, left foot braking and a elusive handbrake turn. Push hard and get on those leaderboards.


Menus – The Setup is Key

Menus are easily navigated and takes the player straight into the action with a Career Mode to boot.

The game focuses mainly on the in-race mode and has a very stripped down menu system.  Focusing on the rallying experience and pushing that to it front.  So when navigating the menus, do not expect the same style as the rallying.


Things to look out for on each Race/Rally

The game focuses on the road when you are driving, so world design is just on that road. Venture too far away from the road and you have to respawn back on the road (sometimes we felt this was not needed).

Crowds of people on each stage was fun to see.  If you have ever been to a rally, spectators can line the streets in safe areas of the rally stage.  In the past, that was not always the case – so expect to nearly hit a few spectators.




A good game with great in game design. It has a stripped down feel to it with a focus on the in-rally game – which is lovely.  It pushes the player to focus on perfecting the run and has a very retro simulation feel to it.

Unfortunately we cannot give it 5 stars as a few little gameplay issues can occur.  When rallying, the car can reset and respawn too early (we thought we could get back to the track) and also when hitting an object – the physics feel off at times.

However those are just very minor and do not stop our love for a great game.

4/5 rating – retro feel, fun simulation. We had to focus hard on this.


For More Info

Release Date – 23rd September 2020

Publisher/Developer – Funselektor labs Inc.

Price (at time of writing) – £19.49

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