We love it when games take the time to develop and leave Stream Early Access at the right time.  Thunderful Publishing & Independent Developer Maschinen-Mensch are doing this with their upcoming title Curious Expedition 2. It will be hitting commercial launch in early 2021.



About the Game



Curious Expedition 2 is a game based in a reimagined 1889. The game takes place at the time of the Paris World’s Fair and a new immense discovery changes the world.

The discovery leads expeditions to new mysterious islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Those expeditions led to new treasure and discovery.


This adventure game promises to make sure no two playthroughs of the game will be the same. Everything from your character to those you recruit will be procedurally-generated with a specific class – but they will always have a unique look, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Then as the you adventure further, all manner of unforeseen circumstances can positively or negatively impact your progress. You have to carefully use resource and sanity management to make it home with the treasure you need. 

A world of unimaginable wonder and surprise awaits!



The art style of this game is inspired around the classic Franco-Belgian comics of the 20th century with a charming orchestrated soundtrack too. This completes the package to set the player’s expectations high.

Early Access Thoughts

At time of writing – 497 reviews have been made on the game and it all comes out at a “Very Positive” score.  Reading the reviews too, you can see users are accepting its Early Access status.

There are some that are negative but are unfortunately focused on its alpha status (lots of negatives in June 2020).

With it aiming for a Early 2021 release, we hope they continue to iron out those issues addressed in the reviews so far.

Lorenzo Pilia (Producer at Maschinen-Mensch) has stated:

“We want to thank our Early Access community for helping us via their feedback to continually add to and improve Curious Expedition 2. We are close to having the game ready to ship, but need a little more time for it to meet our standards for the 1.0 release,” 

“For PC players the Early Access version is already in a very polished state, so if you have an appetite for adventure, don’t hesitate to pick up Curious Expedition 2 today!”


Our Thoughts

We love the world it is based in and want to adventure around it so much, especially after seeing the trailer (Naked Mole RAT!!!!!).

We wish this game well, it promises so much and we hope it hits the mark. With it focusing on choice and promising that no two adventures will be the same – adds allot of our interest.

For More Info

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Curious Expedition 2 will launch commercially for PC (Steam®) in early 2021 for $19.99/€19.99/£19.99, with Nintendo Switch™, Xbox and PlayStation® launch followed later in 2021.


Pictures provided by Plan of Attack.