Survey done by One4all Gift Cards revealed that Brits value their Christmas Dinner over anything else! This surprises us allot – We thought it would be family.  A few of the top ten surprised us greatly – details below…..


About the Survey

The Survey carried out by One4all Gift Cards surveyed 1,000 UK Adults about what makes Christmas special. It reveals that the top spot was all about that turkey and those trimmings.

Our top pick of Family finished in second by a small percentage (28.2% for Dinner, 27.7% for Family). The UK must be allot of foodies indeed.

Third place was the classic time of watching those novelty Christmas Films like Elf, Love Actually and Die Hard (yes that is a Christmas Movie).


British Adults’ Top 10 Favourite Christmas Moments:


  1. Christmas dinner (28.2%)
  2. Spending time together with family (27.7%)
  3. Watching Christmas films (22.9%)
  4. Opening Christmas presents (22.8%)
  5. Listening to Christmas music (20.9%)
  6. Decorating the Christmas tree (18.5%)
  7. Wrapping Christmas presents (13.5%)
  8. Getting together with friends (12.2%)
  9. Going to the Christmas markets (11.5%)
  10. Going for a Christmas walk (11.3%)


Our Thoughts

A Christmas Walk!!! That is a bit of a random one for us – for us it would be a Christmas Day afternoon nap, getting all the food out of our system and just de-stressing.

Other than that they hit all the 10 for us but we would put Family top with Markets second.

Surveys like this make us anxious for the day.  Are you prepared for it yet?



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