The Mad Max type game Crossout has released their latest update Snowstorm with some intriguing things on offer.


About the update


Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have announced the release of their latest Content Update “Snowstorm” in their post apocalyptic hit online action Crossout.

The latest update includes a brawl mode called “Present Heist”.  Included also are some festive decorations and prizes as well as a new “Bobsleigh” armoured vehicle.


Present Heist

“Present Heist” combatants  aim to defend the truck from attacks by Gronch’s henchmen. This is all done whilst the truck is also loading/unloading gifts.

Other elements included are defending whilst escorting it through out the level with moving between bases, extra task completion and the heavy boss battles.  Success in the heist missions are rewards with Cracker Currency which can be exchanged for rewards (Vehicle parts, upgrades and other prizes/rewards).


“Bobsleigh” is a characters special vehicle. Bobsleigh is Crazy Bob Frost’s armoured delight, the most dangerous guy in the Frost sect.

Bob became crazy after the fire in his home village. Bob’s “toys” constantly explode at the most inappropriate moment or with the most inappropriate force.

It’s only natural that the main calibre of “Bobsleigh” is the epic rocket launcher “Snowfall” that can launch 8 volleys of projectiles. This beast is available as a part of the Explosive Santa pack until January, 31st.


Our Thoughts

With the trailer itself, we thought they had the Coca Cola Truck in – dam they got us.  Continue to love games that present fresh content in their continued journeys.


For More Info –

Content Update 0.12.30 “Snowstorm”

The full list of changes in the update is available at the official Crossout website.

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