Welcome to 2021, we are still here in our usual fashion. Aiming to hit the ground running in 2021. Plenty of content and new stuff will be coming – With the New Year’s Resolutions happening, here are our site aims for 2021.


Aims for 2021

Our Aims for 2021 are to continue to grow and develop whilst living life first.

Focus on Entertainment – We will continue to focus on the Entertainment genre with TV, Movie. Games and Music reviews. Alongside some new interview content and some intriguing challenges when re-visiting old content.

Focus on the Hidden Gem – One bit of the site, we have loved is how we tend to find more in the hidden gem market.  We mean when it comes to entertainment, we are great at finding that hidden gem you might not of seen/heard/played..

Focus on the Interesting News – In 2020, we got tons and tons of press releases (some good and some bad). In 2021, we look forward to showing some of the best info grabbing short articles with our thoughts on why it is interesting.

Focus on 3 quality Articles a Week – In 2021, we are going to be focusing on getting at least 3 weekly articles to keep your eyes on our site. We prioritise life as this is still a volunteer site, we are targeting 3, when we have lots of extra time – more content will hit in those weeks.


Site Editor Comments 

Looking at the site numbers, we are still getting good views and good social media numbers too – so we are happy to continue running this volunteer site for another year.

Hope you all have a good 2021.