Sandi Tokvig has written a book, a Eclectic Meader through the days of the year. Bringing her voice to events that will surprise you in witty and interesting ways, this  book is a perfect numerous short sessions read or listen.


To give its full title, Toksvig’s Almanac 2021: An Eclectic Meander Through the Historical Year by Sandi Tokvig, its an interesting listen (also available in written book form).

It is a book focused on the fabulous and infamous women in history. Focusing on the days of the year and putting famous events to them.

Events around revolutionary women vary from serial killers, pirate nuns to civil rights activists, doctors to dancing girls, artists to astronauts.

It aims to commemorate women from around the world which can for the most part, not be part of the average history book.


Stories include

  • Belle Star – American Bandit Queen
  • Lady Murasaki – Author of the world’s first novel
  • Maud Wagner – First female tattoo artist
  • Eleanor G. Holm – Disqualified from 1936 Berlin Olympics for drinking too much champagne.
  • And Much More!!


Overall Thoughts

We listened to the audiobook and it felt like a well written QI Episode that you would get on British TV.  It feels like each fact to each story is well researched and has that comedic twist – we come to know from Sandi.

This is a perfect read/listen for anyone who likes the QI style fact that surprises the reader/listener in unique ways.  The book is aimed towards women as Sandi states in her great introduction – poking fun at some of the men of history.

Rating 4/5 – Solid Listen, Took two sessions to listen too. Very well written by Sandi and Sandi’s tone works perfectly for the audio book too.

For More Info


Available in Audiobook and Unabridged Book

ISBN – 9781398701656

Price £19.99

Audiobook duration – 9 hours, 14 minutes.