A game coming to early access on Steam is the dragon riding game Century: Age of Ashes.  Be the Dragon Rider you wanted to be in this intriguing twist on a Arena Battle Game.



Century: Age of Ashes is a free to play multiplayer dragon battle game.  Master a growing number of different character classes and type of dragon to win the battle. Compete in area battles in the sky and push into the fast-paced aerial combat.



Arena Battles

Arena battle aim to show high speed aerobatic fights to the forefront. 3 Game modes are coming with Team Deathmatch (Called Carnage), Last Team Standing (A 6 vs 6 vs 6 Survival) and Capture the Flag.


Playstyle Choices

At the moment, the game has 3 unique classes with the promises of more to come. Currently you can be:

  • Windgard – Shield and disorient your enemy
  • Marauder – Track down  and Destroy your enemy
  • Phantom – Use Stealth, then stalk and trap your prey.


Full Customisations

With any free-to-play game, the promise of customisation is a key element to the game’s success.  From the info we have,  they promise to give opportunities to pimp out your character and dragon with the progress made.

Every level will open up opportunities to make your class characters and their dragons look more and more unique. Gain more experience and you will hatch new dragons to ride into battle too!!!

The promise that the customisation options are solely cosmetic.


Our Thoughts

Our minds immediately go to the Eragon film, been the dragon rider and loving the action it that film. Now to actually ride our own personal dragon sounds terrific. We cannot wait to see how the beta goes down in February on Steam.

Having seen a few trailers and read up on the game, it should have a good place in the market.  Loved reading about the character and dragon differences – especially the cosmetics too.

We will be keeping our eyes open for any other developments.



For More Info

Watch last month’s Official Announcement Trailer – Click Here

Official Site – Click Here