Need something truly different?  How about the history of curse words?  We delve into the pilot episode of this 6 episode arc and decide whether we will complete the series.


History of Swear Words, an intriguing premise is brought to Netflix by Nicolas Cage. He hosts this loud and proudly profane series which explores the origins, pop culture nature, science and the cultural impact of certain curse words.

Interviews are included with experts in a variety of fields and some fellow entertainers too.  This 6 episode arc dives into the origins of:

  • F**K
  • SH*T
  • B*TCH
  • D*CK
  • PU**Y
  • DAMN


S01E01 F**K – Scene By Scene

Warning, spoilers ahead. 

Dramatic opening to make you think it is going to be something else, then  Cage sets the tone with swear quotes from famous films.

It is a American show so cue US celebs and experts in the field of language too.  First few minutes, they bounce you around on how F**K is used and its variety of meanings.

Love that it breaks down the word and its original meaning.  Without spoiling it, we are loving the breakdown of the word and how people had it in their names too.

Then the famous last words which included F**K.  The mixture of painting and cartoon is perfect.

The show shows off the history of the word with any imagery of the time used.  Before video, you get to see animated and edited paintings of the time.  They really are shining this show well.

Cage adds to it, by breaking down the sections as the breakdown of F**K goes.

They break down the impact of the word in film, music and the world – always with a fun twist on it.

Loved the breakdown of the most common swear word in Nicholas Cage’s film history.  Then who swears the most in film, no spoiler here.

It ends concluding the facts and one last quote from Cage.

Overall Thoughts

Cage anchors this weird show in the right way, playing on the show’s funny twist on a documentary whilst still being informative.

The show throws facts at you, then rifts off it with the talent they have.  It is a good show that is informative and funny at the same time.  Best comparision we can give is QI with an American twist.

5/5 – We will be finishing the 6 episode S1. 


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Featured Image Credited to Cr. Adam Rose / Netflix