Want a different take on a Co-op game with a traitor, why not try First Class Trouble?



Set in an alternative cyber punk 1950 universe on board the ISS Alithea.  This passenger cruise liner is on its maiden 20 year voyage across the solar system. First Class Trouble takes 6 players on a journey with a hint of betrayal thrown in.

This multiplayer Social Deduction game relies on the 6 players to work together to shut down the rogue AI CAIN.  The AI is trying to kill the human players but not all the players are human.

Think Among Us and Town of Salem. It brings social deduction up a few notches.



Notable Features

  • In Built Proximity Chat – Have conversations in different roooms with different players. If you are not in proximity, players can be plotting and scheming to get you out!!
  • Unique Killing Options – The players can kill each other in weird ways.  How about being dumped out of airlocks, drowned in spa pools, electrocuting each other, pushed into a burning fire or freezing to death from being locked in freezers!!


freeze your opposition

Our Thoughts

It looks terrific and the next step up from Trouble in Terrorist Town or TTT game genre. It pushes the genre to a good and different theme.

From seeing notable people playing this, we would love to pick this up for our next multiplayer session.   At the current price of £8.79, this early access game should be for sure in your collection.

For More Info

Further details to bring First Class Trouble to consoles will be announced by Versus Evil and Invisible Walls sometime later this year.

Steam Link – Twitter Website



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