One Hand Clapping is a interesting wholesome game with a interesting concept.  This game aims to teach you how to control your voice all whilst saving a very visually pretty universe from “eternal silence”.


One Hand Clapping is a incredibly unique 2d Puzzle Platformer that invites players to sing into their microphone to solve increasingly difficult musical puzzles.

Interact with a colourful world and solve puzzles with melody, rhythm or harmonies.  You do not need to sing – how about humming, whistling, beat boxing or using a crazy instrument.

From creating the way across a large gap to flying with your voice – your voice is key.


Our Thoughts

Having seen the trailers and viewed some gameplay, this is a game we want to play when it is more fully formed.  Early Access has it’s pros and cons but looking at the gameplay it does not have long to go.

We love the gameplay videos where people are not confidence in singing in front of others. It would be a intriguing game to play with others (taking in turns).

We cannot wait to hear more. At £8.49 currently, we may pick it up before it is complete anyway.  Lets see how this goes.

For More Info

Official Links – TwitterFacebook – Announcement Trailer – Steam Page

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