The Mysterious Benedict Society – S01E01 Episode Review

Are you in need of something suitable for the whole family.  How about The Mysterious Benedict Society, a show about smart kids looking to find their meaning in the world.


The Mysterious Benedict Society is about four gifted orphans who have being recruited to help save the world. These kids are put on a dangerous mission by Mr Benedict to save the world from a global crisis known as “The Emergency”.

The kids are called Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance enter a mysterious new life and must make a plan of action to help save it.

This show has just this week come to Disney Plus and has a age rating of 6+.


Warning if you read on, expect minor spoilers.  No Major Spoilers as that would ruin the show if you watch it. 


Scene Highlights

Here are some of our favourite bits of the episode. These were written whilst watching the show. We aim to be as vague as possible to avoid spoilers. No heavy spoiler scenes are included. 

The introduction

It is very Disney in nature – in a good way.  Lots of bright colours, good sound track and a good setup to the story.  We love the sweeping scenery shots and from the title cards – we expect a weird show.

“Are You Brave?”

To gain entry into the Boatwright Academy and start a new life, they have to take a test.  Again, this is done in a very visual way with a focus on bright colours. Pinks, Greens and Yellows especially.

Some of the questions are shown on screen and brings the audience in to what the Academy is after.  Some things will go above a kid’s head while watching it but all will become clear once the test is over.

Proceed to Room 7b”

The first half of the episode focuses on Reynie but we are then introduced to the other characters for the show.   A seemingly impossible challenge occurs in a room – and it will get people thinking.  This definitely is a thinking show.


“When you hear the bell off you go”

The challenges are all in a very visual style and we love it. Each candidate tackles it differently and seeing them tackle it is fun.



The show will bring in a more children audience but does hold our interest – which shows a good show (well at least the pilot episode).

It is targeted at children who do not feel like they fit in – they will focus on the main characters (the orphans).  While the adults will focus on an intriguing idea for the story behind it.

Mr Benedict and his staff are intriguingly played actors and actresses.  The casting from this show from the adults to the kids is great.




For More Info 

This series is currently available on Disney Plus in the UK. Please check your local provider if not based in the UK.