Earnings of Twitch Streamers revealed! – A Opinion Piece

To stream on Twitch is every video gamer’s dream job, to just play games for a living.  But is there more to it than meets the eye?


With the recent leak of data about Twitch (Link), some interesting information has come out about streamers and the money that they make.   We got hold of a compiled list from Ebuyer and some of the facts and figures intrigued us greatly.


Even to our online entertainment watching, the majority of the top 30 are unknown to us. We known of 4 of the top 30 streamers, showing there is a lot of Twitch we haven’t yet explored.

The top streamer “Ranboolive” is a variety streamer recently running Minecraft. They have hit 3.8 million followers and their subscriber count is 79,155 which has earnt them $1,406,960 approximately each year.

Alot Covered

Allot of streamers on the list hit different markets with a majority hitting a “variety” level of content. Looking into their recent videos, we saw some interesting topics for content.

Adinross (ranked 2) has hit the gambling market recently with “slots streams”. Amouranth (ranked 5) is in the ASMR, Cosplay and caters to a 16+ aged audience.

HasanAbi (ranked 11) caters to a political audience focusing on the USA side of things.  Then CriticalRole (Ranked 12) is focused on Dungeons and Dragons with them originally starting as a separate show on a YouTube Channel.

A World Audience

While the majority of the list is English speaking, there is a few who are non English speaking. Auronplay is the top non English speaking streamer with 10.3 million followers and sits 8th in the list with 29,254 subscribers.

Our Thoughts

The world’s viewing habits have turned away from the more traditional TV watcher. So to see many streamers earning a great amount of money is not a surprise – with many of these streamers building up their brands over the history of Twitch (and other sites as well).

If you look further down the list and on to the more smaller streamers covered on the Ebuyer and on the leaked list – you can see the money drastically goes down to non-full time job levels.

Streaming is best as a hobby and if you make it big – congrats but you got to work hard to stay at the top.  There are several million Twitch channels wanting to make it big but only a few can make it.



For More Info –

Ebuyer has compiled it into a top 30 list.  Link