When it comes to romance, we got some good choices available to us on lots of Streaming platforms – but is it too much.  So, we aim to narrow it down so you can watch something on either Disney Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Next Up, Amazon Prime. A resource we have not used in a while and it looks like we are missing out.  (At time of writing – all selected films were available on the platform. With all selected, free with prime)

  1. Man Up (2015) – Lake Bell and Simon Pegg lead this honest, heart felt romantic comedy. This is a good British style romantic comedy with an good ebbing and flowing plot to follow.  It might feel unconventional – but you got to challenge yourselves sometimes.

Perfect for – Romantic comedy fans, British comedy fans,

  1. Love, Rosie (2014) – Best Friends Rosie and Alex navigate life together but they never seem to make that connection. This film was great to watch when it came out and we may revisit this one.

Perfect for – Friends turned Partners, Drama lovers,

  1. You Got Mail (1998) – Classic Meg Ryan Tom Hanks Romantic film. Need we say more.

Perfect for – 90s film lovers, nostalgia lovers,

  1. The Proposal (2009) – Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in this classic romantic comedy. Sandra plays a boss stuck in a situation where she may get deported. She unexpectedly ropes in her assistant played by Reynolds to be her new love – so she doesn’t get deported. A story of two people who don’t love each other at first finding each other. Well acted, very funny and even starred the late Betty White in a good comedic role.

Perfect for – romantic comedy fans, Ryan Reynolds fans, Sandra Bullock fans,

  1. Definitely, Maybe (2008) – From the makers of Notting Hill and Love Actually. This is a great film, a romantic comedy focusing on Ryan Reynolds character telling his daughter about his love life. It plays out like a murder mystery when we alongside the daughter try to figure out who the love of his life is.

Others include – Age of Adaline, He’s Just Not that into you,  About a Boy, Runaway Bride, Crazy Stupid Love.

Our Thoughts

Some good options to find even in the “Free with Prime” section. Be careful when picking a film of this platform as some films you will need to pay for.   Also, when you search through the movies, it has a IMDb rating next to each selection so you know if it should be good too.

Good luck to those having the night in.  Hope these three pieces can help with a possible night in.  Crack open that bubbly.