We have been playing Crossfire for roughly 5 hours now and love it. It has its flaws but it is worth talking about.



Crossfire: Legion is a real time strategy game which features some classic RTS gameplay whilst they mix in some new ideas.  Think “Command and Conquer”, think “Starcraft”, it pushes the boundaries and features both a single player campaign and a multiplayer areas.

It currently has a 15 mission campaign and an improving multiplayer scene.

Brief thoughts on Gameplay

It is at a very early stage but all missions have the traditional phases of gathering resources, building bases and creating your army.

If you have played StarCraft or Command and Conquer you will understand.  The main thing that is letting it down currently is ease of play. It took a while to work out the best way to play and learning the combos takes time. Managing to get different types of troops in the same army group to use specials, is an issue.  We hope they figure out those kinks.

The co-op only mode of Operation Thunderstrike, we haven’t really tested but reading reports it is good and has a PvE feel.


Overall Current Thoughts

At its current price point, it is worth it. It will fill that void for an RTS Lover for an evening or two currently.   

As a classic RTS lover, it scratches that itch.  We gone some of the campaign and we just want to play more. 

We would love to be able to change server too. If you have friends in different regions, you might not be able to play with them.  Cross server play would be good.


For More Info

Steam page for the game – Click Here.

Key was provided for the game.

Price at writing is £23.99

As always, thoughts are our own.


We will be coming back to this game for a full review on its full release. We also will be keeping an eye on their updates.

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