Wizards of the Coast today released “Unfinity”, the latest set for the world’s oldest trading card game, Magic: The Gathering.

About Unfinity

Unfinity is the first-ever black bordered UN-set that sweeps players into a sci-fi carnival of cosmic proportions with hilarious and fun new mechanics. The set contains 244 cards and releases for tabletop today.

There’s more than just magic to be found in the vibrant and wacky cosmic carnival of Unfinity. Unfinity doesn’t just break the rules, but blasts them into space by being the first UN-set that contains black-bordered “eternal” cards that are legal for Commander, Legacy and Vintage play. Some cards, however, are just meant for the “circus” of casual play: these are characterised by an acorn-shaped holofoil.



Fun new mechanics following the space and carnival themes. New Artifact cards called “Attractions” will bring the carnival experience to any match, triggering different abilities based on the roll of a six-sided die each turn while the card is in play. Featuring minigames such as ‘Dart Throw’ or locations like ‘The Superlatorium’ that offer unique interactivity and in-game prizes, attractions are a crucial part of any Unfinity Draft. The new set also introduces Stickers, allowing players to boost the power/toughness of their cards or activate new abilities through sticking new names, art and stats to existing cards. These can be purchased with Tickets, a new resource counter found on most cards that can be customised with stickers.


New Lands

Unfinity’s stunning suite of out-of-this-world lands (which look amazing), including re-imaginings of the Ravnica dual-lands, affectionately dubbed ‘shock lands’ by Magic’s community. The entire set of shock lands is available in borderless cosmic artwork from box toppers, draft boosters and collector boosters. Orbital and Planetary “space-ic” lands are also up for grabs in foil, non-foil and flashy new Galaxy foil treatments, showcasing the marvellous spacescape awaiting beyond the colourful carnival.



Retro Showcase Cards

Unfinity also pay’s homage to an atomic-futurism-meets-MTG aesthetic with eye-popping showcase cards, retro-fying 30 Legendary creatures with the “Showcase Cards of Tomorrow”. For players who also miss the classic UN-installments, ‘The List’ for Unfinity features 60 cards from previous UN-sets in silver-border frames.


Our Thoughts

Its been a few years since we have picked up MTG but this makes us want to try it again.  Love the visuals and the novelty cards. It keeps making you think and create new and interesting strategies for the future.

Comet’s retro styling is different and we love they keep re-inventing their style.


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