Do you need something different to do whilst cramped up in this COVID lockdown.  How about going to a Gorilla naming ceremony?

To Celebrate World Gorilla Day on the 24th of September, they are hosting a live virtual event for the first time in its history.  Rwanda’s famous gorilla naming ceremony will take place on the 24th at 3pm Central African Time (or 2pm GMT).



About the Event

Kwita Izina is modelled off a centuries old tradition where Rwandans Name their children whilst in presence of their families and friends.  In 2005, they began officially naming mountain gorillas in that manner too.

The gorilla ceremony is where they name them in front of the community that will help them survive and thrive.  The dedicated conservationists, rangers and trackers who protect the gorillas around the Volcanoes National Park.


Our Thoughts

We love the idea and will be looking to virtually attend ourselves. It is something different and unique to add a nice touch to your day.  Imagine having a conversation with a friend and the question of “what have you done today?” leads to a conversation about Gorillas.

Brings a smile to our faces.



For More Information

Acess to the ceremony itself can be gained through this link – Click Here

For More info on Rwanda go to

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