Erisea was born as a creative endevour between two friends.

Two friends took time to craft a enterprise to write entertaining and enticing content on a number of areas – could of been anything from talking to Music Artists to going on a press trip to a local festival.

“If you didn’t know “Erisea” is a combination of the two founders names, Erika and Chelsea. It became a network of fellow bloggers looking to connect for a variety of positive reasons.”

As they went along they became a bigger team and a bigger team. We developed to a good point and had a good steady viewership but unfortunately people started to move on for a variety of reasons.  Most left on good terms and we are still friends with them and thank everyone for being a part of the journey.

A mantra we have learnt for this site is that Life Comes First. We are all still volunteers not earning anything from this site, we rely on people to dedicate a few hours a week to offer a positive outlook on life.

The Current Goal of this site is to promote stuff that we like and we will throw some hidden gems out there too.  It will be mainly entertainment based but we will throw a random post in there if something interesting pokes out.

In June 2020, we are seeing lots of negative things happened to people around the world.  We love seeing that people are saying this should not be happening and are taking action. So for the next few months, we will be adding some positive posts labelled as “doingourbit” to add some highlight on organisations and actions in a positive light. They are taking action to deal with the negatives.

Please keep your eyes open and give us a like and follow on our socials. Currently we have got Facebook and Twitter back up and running. We will be adding more as we go.



PRs and Other Companies to Contact Us – Please currently use Carl(at)[email protected] as main contact.