The Blanc mask is one of the latest game changer masks to help you stand out from the crowd.  It recently finished it’s Kickstarter with 3795 backers pledging $403,709 to help bring this project to life.


About the Design

Blanc unlike regular face masks promotes more safety in its design. It protects your eyes, nose and mouth from the outside world. All air is filtered in with 2 high efficiency reusable and replaceable HEPA filters to ensure clean, fresh air with every breath.

The design also keeps your identity secure, with its full face covered design.

The design features magnetic customisable front panels, where owners can mix and match different patterns, colours and textures to create a totally new look to reflect themselves.


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Its design is not just about being the next gen accesary. It works in a comfortable air tight fit where all your air you breathe is sent through two SGS-tested replaceable HEPA filters.  It offers continuous protection wherever you go.

The use of HEPA Filters offer another layer of filter that a regular commercial face mask that the average person has to wear. It filters through a multi-layered fine mesh of angled micro fibers. That traps harmful particles such as pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, pollution and dust mites.


How it has been received

They sent out a backer survey to each of their Kickstarter backers and got some interesting results.

From healthcare workers to fashion designers to businessmen, the backers all offer positive feedback to what the product offers.

One backer points out that certain jobs require lots of travel and this offers an ideal scenario. It possesses a great safety aspect alongside anonymity.  If you have to travel by Bus or Train, it looks to be a good way to take the journey.

Another backer pointed out how the product could be modded further and love that they have their own sci fi ideas for the product.


Overall Thoughts

It has a very unique look and we cannot wait to see how successful it will be.  Very Daft Punk in a way.  It continues to sell masks via Indiegogo now that Kickstarter campaign has closed (link below).

For More Info –

For more on their campaign, it continues on IndieGogo. Link Here.


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