Just sharing our thoughts of the game so far as it comes close to release date.

About the Game

“The world’s fastest brawler is back. Experience cinematic kung-fu in the most epic stickman fighter ever made. Staying true to the original, you play with only two buttons. Every press matters, do not button mash!” – Steam Description


Gameplay so far

The same basic two button gameplay you loved from the first one. Click on the left or right mouse button – or keyboard or controller buttons.  Thats it.  Plan and simple controls – but the game is not plain and simple as the controls.

The game focuses on how you can get through the waves of enemies. It can turn into a bit of a dance learning the steps of the ever evolving stage.

The tutorials are great and show off the games new stuff. We will be looking again at this game on release date for a more complete review.


Thoughts of So Far

Brilliant and adapts well from the original game. Its honest thoughts of itself before you start saying this is a game focused on gameplay with no story – adds to the fun factor of it in a weird way. It goes – this is us – deal with it.  Those values are found accross the game from its brash stage finishers to the choice of weapons you could possibly get on each level.

One to watch!!!!


For More Info

Developer/Publisher – Silver Dollar Games

Release Date – 15 Apr, 2019

Steam Page – Click Here

Official Site – Click Here