We recently watched the gameplay trailer for Fort Solis (From Fallen Leaf Studio and Dear Villagers)  coming out in August and we are trilled by it. It is set aboard a deserted mining facility on Mars and you have got to solve the mystery of where the missing crew went.

The Announcement of the game led to the first look trailer which shows off the vast mining station, including barracks, greenhouse and labs.  Its facility could host a crew, but by the looks of it – drive them mad.

“With Fort Solis we wanted the setting to be a character,” said James Tinsdale, Game Director at Fallen Leaf. “Sci-fi horror is host to many of cinema’s greatest, most chilling settings. Like Alien’s Nostromo or Solaris’ titular vessel, we wanted Fort Solis to create its own hostile tone, a derelict mining station barraged by a sand storm. The environments in Fort Solis are integral to the story we’re telling, so bringing it to life was among our top priorities.”


 One of the things that massively stands out to us, is its voice actors.  From Red Dead’s Roger Clark, The Last of Us’s Troy Baker and Julia Brown from The Last Kingdom.

The game promises to ground you in hard sci fi drama, with no camera cuts, load times or HUD.

Our Thoughts

It has some big promises and the first trailer has us putting on our steam wishlist straight away. From initial look, it has vibes of a Dead space with its styling of space and use of dark lighting.  Trailer holds only a snapshot but from what we have seen – Thumbs up so far.


For More INFO

Wishlist on Steamhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/1931730/Fort_Solis/
Visit the official website: fortsolis.com
Check out the Fort Solis dear.linkhttps://dear.link/fort-solis/
Visit Fallen Leaf’s official sitehttps://www.fallenleafstudio.com/
Visit Dear Villagers’ official sitehttps://dear.link/dearvillagers/

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