In the Next 27 Weeks, every Monday we aim to show off a new positive thought – to get your weeks going.

Likely we will hit the same thought but at a different angle at some point. But don’t fuss – its be fun when we get to the finish.

First Up….


We find ourselves in an age where if you do not take action, you get left behind. Its all about pushing forward with that constructive positive thought and taking action behind it.

Like at the start of the year, everyone gets a gym membership to get physical fit – then lapse in march.  Taking action and pushing through and not skipping days.  Have rest days yes, but having the confidence and ambition to push through and get better.

Its not just been physically fit – its about other “a”s to.  What is your ambition and how will you get there?

Do you aim to be still in the same job in 20 years or do you want more.  Do you want to be single all your life or do you want more.

Push your self to action!!!


Until next time. Keep moving and keep pushing forward.