In the UK, we all love a good chip and it does not have to be in the standard “Fish and Chips” dish – especially when we are angry.



Brits crave carbs like nothing else when they get angry and annoyed between meals. Chips are the number one go-to food when hanger hits – that toxic mix of hunger and anger. This is according to new research for Hungry Horse pubs.


The Stats

What type of food is our favourite fix?

As a society we have gone to more and more fast food and it shows. Carbs (46%) are our favourite fix, followed by protein and fatty foods (both at 27%).  There is some people who will reach for an apple or carrot with a small amount thinking fruit or veg (8%).


What food is our favourite fix?

1 in 4 people think that Chips (25%) are the ultimate cure, closely followed by pizza (23%) and the full fish and chips dish (21%).

Hungry Horse are happy to say that chips are a staple of their new menu.  They have “varieties including Dirty Fries, Cheesy Chip Butty to sweet potato fries, good old chunky chips or skinny fries.” 


Savoury or Sweet?

Data shows that savoury wins over sweet when it comes to curing hanger, 44% against 26%.  This surprises us greatly with us being mainly a sweet lover.


Our Thoughts

We love research such as this that makes you think.  It surprised us that they are more savoury than sweet lovers in the UK.

What do you reach for when you are hangry? Or even just Hungry between meals?


For More Info –

As the research press release says – “If you’re suffering from Hanger and need a solution, book a table at your local Hungry Horse and enjoy the brand-new menu now available by visiting:”

They have pubs all over the country.  We have tried some of their food and it is good.

Research paid for and provided by Hungry Horse.

Not a sponsored article, we loved the info and as always – Our thoughts are our own.

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