For the next few evenings, we will be pointing out games from the Steam Next Fest you should be looking at.   We will be playing through allot so you can find that gem, a little quicker.

We will briefly talk about our favourites and wont be rating them until full release.


Steam Next Fest

Steam Next Fest is a weeklong celebration featuring hundreds of free playable demos as well as livestreams and chats.

Live October 3th to October 10th 2022 – For More Info – Click Here


Up to Par 

Developer – It’s Anecdotal

Publisher – It’s Anecdotal

Steam Link



Up To Par is a run based rogue-lite mini golf game.  This might sound like a mouthful but it is more simple than you think.

Simple controls and a simple rule,  each hole you have 3 shots to make it in.  Make it in less, you can save the extra shots and unlock extra abilities along the way.  Run out of shots and its game over.

It will get harder, and it will test the player to the limit.


We love a mini-golf game. It is 2.5D, so has that isometric feel and always has that just one more go feel.  Each run through doesn’t give you the same levels so each attempt and the abilities we only reached the first few.



World Championship Boxing Manager 2

Developer – Mega Cat Studios

Publisher –  Ziggurat

Steam Link



The boxing world is at your feet in this entertaining management simulation.  Enlist boxers, recruit staff and build your gym to be the best.

Boxing bouts feel like “punch club”,  you don’t fight but you direct how the boxer tackles it.  Strategies and building the future Rocky is key.


Having spent a couple of hours in the demo exploring it – it is one for the management fans/ boxing fans.  It’s a little more niche  and the game needs a little longer in the oven to get it complete – but we love it.

We have high hopes for this one and will be wish listing this.





More to Come.  Make sure to check out some of the Demos in the Steam Next Fest.

Pictures are screenshots resized.  These are demos, so they are subject to possible change.

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