We love the idea of becoming a poker pro and been the best at reading the signs but we like everyone else can be clueless.  The body and its language can be confusing.  Thanks to TouchCasino.com we have got hold of some intriguing tips to tackle the poker table or just general life.


The Main Tip

The secret to the perfect poker face is to be totally neutral.  Do not appear to happy or too sad. Then do not appear nervous or disengaged.  You must keep your body calm and that is done by focusing on your breathing and your blinking.

Put it this way, when you see reality TV shows, they build the tension up when they elimate someone and make time last longer than it is.   You sit at the table and act differently to the norm it brings attention to you, like you are trying to create tension.


The Eyes

Tip 1 is either avoid eye contact to avoid them working out your feelings or if you commit to a look, look a second or two longer than normal. It will put them off guard and make them second guess a decision.

Tip 2, shades wont cover your expression. Your eyes might be covered but you have to consider your eyebrows too.  They can do the talking if you are not careful.



Lips are the hardest thing to control.  Good hand, try not to smile and give the game aware. Trying to make your eyes and your lips match is key.



This is where your nerves will show. You might have a nervous tick, you may tap the table or crack your knuckles – all these are signs of unease.

Aim for an arched, soft, cupped hand, fingertips on the table, and keep them still even when you get excited or shocked.


Posture is important.  Too high or too low and your opponent knows something is off.


Last General Tip

This is one from us at Erisea,  for normal life one thing that has made its way into our collection is when someone subconsciously swears at you.  If you are in a conversation with someone and they are fiddling with their hands or scratch their nose with their middle finger – they are upset or dont want to be part of the conversation.

Knowing when then to leave the conversation or not approach that topic with that person is good.  If you start talking about your favourite anime and they dont want to say no but suddenly scratch their nose – you know why. They are not interested or irritated by you.


Overall Thoughts

Its an interesting idea and we love data like this.  Next time you are out and about, look at how other people interact with you or dont.  In the elevator, waiting for it to go up – is that other person tapping their foot and showing their stress.   When you see someone you know are they smiling back or showing something else to you.


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