A fighting game about coffee. Intrigued? We were, short game review below….


About the Game

“Coffence is a fast-paced blend of fighting games and twin stick shooters with a dash of caffeine. Coffee is literally your health bar and every hit ejects the precious liquid up in the air for anyone to take. Experience dramatic reversals and tense stand-offs as you fight till the last drop with up to four players.” – Steam Description.

This game is a mixture between a fighter with the controls of a twin stick shooter. It focuses on a weird story and brings you in to a weirdly intriguing fighter.



Coffence is a blend between a fighting game and a twin stick shooter – which is very weird to say.  The game is basically a twin stick fighter.

Twisting and turning the wheels in certain ways will unleash new moves and attacks.


Overall Thoughts

It can be considered a mixture of Smash Bros with a hint of Lethal League.  We waited awhile to review it from our copy because of the reviews we saw. It still doesn’t great with a low pick up and play ability – this is one we would avoid unfortunately at its current price. Like the concept but elements in the UI make it feel so disjointed.

2/5 – Disjointed User Interface mess. Once we got to the battles it was ok.


For More Info

Steam Page – https://store.steampowered.com/app/583240/Coffence/

Developer – Sweet Bandits Studios

Publisher – Sweet Bandits Studios

Released – 25 Oct, 2018.

Time of Writing Price –  £10.99