Again, another quick post until we get back. Today we got the chance to chill in the indie section and retro section for the most  part.

Drink More Glurp

A good party game to start things off. What happens if you had a olympic games but it aint quite right. Aliens sponsor the games and keep changing the events. How about Long Junp but the two arm/legs are muscular and stay straight. How about Crab Legs?

Got good ability to add to a party – in a hot seat variety.

Lord Winklebottom Intestigates

A point and click game which has a strange animal theme. Good design ethic, looking like the classic Broken Sword games.

The Kickstarter Demo was available to play and it took us longee than expected to complete it. Good puzzles that make you think.

We could say more but we got another two days to go.



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