Overview of Our Trip

Days 1-3 we visited bits and pieces and slyly got some information off a few indie studios to get some bigger review pieces to do later in the year.  Day 4, we chilled accomplishing everything we set out to do.  We chilled looking at the merchandise stores and even had a massage (which is a weird thing to find on the expo hall floor).

Here is a few other highlights that we did not write about initially.


Playstation VR – Blood and Truth

Weirdly, our first trip into VR.  This showed it strengths and the Playstation VR booth was terrifically busy throughout. Sneaking in on a Priority pass, managed to get a first spot on Blood and Truth.  The VR element of it was a simple point and click shooter  – but it was much more than that since in VR. Once we got the hang of the movement system and the reload system (that took a while).  Reload system had me putting my pistol on my hip – but the game thought my hip was 4 inches higher than it was, meaning when we were reloading the ammo in the chest was actually just above the neck.

The game story is very intriguing on the bits we got to play.  Looks compelling.  Cannot wait to see more.

The Dark Room – Live Show

Got to throw in this for the entertainment value.  If you love dark humour, stupid antics and a interactive gameshow element – this is for you.  We had never experienced it before. It was very very funny.  From intro to end, the host is a bundle of energy.  How about crowds surfing a pack of pork scratchings on a pineapple lilo, how about a getting a prize of 25 copies of Fifa 09.

Full review to follow later in the week. 

The Food – Ice Cream

Wow just wow.  Having expo food is to just cram on junk food. Some hit the mark, some missed it but the Ice Cream was superb. We had a Unicorn Bubblegum flavoured scoop and a Mint Oreo scoop in a small tub for £5. Expo prices but definitely worth it.



A journey. A fun few days and nights.  NEC Birmingham is a good venue for the chaos.

Our only gripes were it felt smaller than I63 with not allot of space for the event areas (lack of a robot wars arena or a drone area – like I63 had), then the Nintendo Tournaments were terribly run on the first few days – disorganized (Days 3-4 were allot better).

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