In the Next 27 Weeks, every Monday we aim to show off a new positive thought – to get your weeks going.

Likely we will hit the same thought but at a different angle at some point. But don’t fuss – its be fun when we get to the finish.


Next Up….  Encouraging

Last week was all about developing that positive thought to flourish in your head. Another way to get the ball rolling is to encourage others to be positive too.  Push others into positive mindsets and get them moving in a positive way.

We are members of a few different friend groups and social media interest groups. Even in a small way of liking someone’s post of them losing a pound in weight – you telling them, they are doing well promotes that.  You give as good as you get. You been positive with friends and social media groups will then get them to do the same.

Laugh, joke and have fun. Encourage others to do the same – always in that positive mindset. Encourage others to go out of their comfort zones and develop more.

If they say no to anything – worth a try. Laugh it off, you now now their limits.


Do you encourage others?


Until next time. Keep moving and keep pushing forward.