With the sun setting on the once mighty roman empire, the gladiatorial games have begun. The Emperor wants the best of the best and you got to provide it.  If you watched Spartacus either the tv show or the movie – running your own ludus to victory is the key.  We reviewed this in 2017 and still love it to this day.



“Acquire, train, upgrade, and whip your brutish gladiators towards bloody victory in the ruthless arenas of ancient Rome.” – Steam Description

Its all about managing a team of gladiators to success.  You gonna lose some on the way – so make sure to keep building all your team up.

The main story mode, you have a year to win the games.  But must make sure to keep your household and the two political figures of the legate and the magistrate happy.  If they are not happy with you they will stack the deck because they will be setting up the fights.

It now has a endless mode, where it gets harder and harder to carry on.  Building your gladiator army – always with that chance of losing it all.

The fights are different. Battle in key areas . Battle 1 on 1, 2 on 2 and even lions. They don’t like you – time for a 3 on you. The opposition gets harder and harder – but as you keep losing people is gets beyond a joke if you lose the wrong fight.




We do normally go a little deeper into gameplay.  However the game speaks for itself.  Manage a team of gladiators, later down the line you can control one of them in the battles.  It throws allot of curveballs your way and kept us playing for ages.

In our playthroughs, Several times I would attempt a run and fail – but have fun along the way. It is a management game with a hard learning curve – full of dead gladiators.  Still a little buggy from we last reviewed it but love the improvements.

Would love to see what they would do if they did a sequel.

Solid 4/5 game. 


For More Info

Steam Page – Click Here

Developer – DolphinBarn

Publisher–  DolphinBarn

Released – 3rd April, 2017

Time of Writing Price –  £6.99