Next up, time to board the “pop-punk” rocket of The Rocket.  They recently premiered their new single via New Noise Magazine, and dam we glad they did.


The Single –

A play by numbers rock song to begin with, but then hits a note with its underlying lyrics.  Throwing you a loop with its guitar rifts and pure drum beat too.

You can definitely feel it in the song. We wouldn’t define it as “pop punk” just based on this one song. More of a Green Day style band with that punk edge.


For More Info –

The Album is due out on the 30th November, titled “Another Reason To Fear The Sky”. It hopes to keep you hooked and we cannot wait to get the opportunity to try it out….

Their Site  – Click Here



Thanks to Prescription PR, for letting us know of the band. We listen to all emailed to us and it passed the soundcheck – Cannot wait to hear more.


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