We got the chance to play Log Jammers, a retro inspired, in the vein of  Wind Jammers alternative. We like elements and could see they have a long way to go until release.



“Find some flannel and pack your adrenaline for this action-packed, horror sports tragedy. The stakes are high, and the multi-species cheerleaders are jumping higher.” – STEAM DESCRIPTION

Instead of throwing a Frisbee, it’s an axe!  While instead of walking, your character is on a log.

Similar scoring system to the retro original Wind Jammers.  Do not let the axe behind you – but also do not it take you out either.

Graphically the game is great to look at and will be inspiring to play.


Simple, throw the axe and catch the axe. Score points and win sets to then win the match.

So far, pretty basic. Hope they develop it to be more violent and more inspiring when it comes to powerup.



I liked the re jigged idea and the overall return to the concept, but it lacks a certain something to be a top game now.  Graphics and sounds bring us back to the retro era it aims to but the lack of range of gameplay at this moment it time – makes me want to wait until they have done more.

With a release date of Feb 2019 – all fingers crossed for an amped up game.



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