Casual game to start the week off.  We look to Argonauts Agency: Golden Fleece. An interesting idea with a simple premise.

About the Game

“Argonauts Agency: go on an adventure and solve the case of the missing Golden Fleece!” – Steam Description.

Simple click and collect game with levels lasting 10 mins at most. Simple story with an interesting setting. Not complex but has great pick up and play ability.



Simple, complete the objectives and get your people to the end goal.  Click and set an queue of orders.

Each point on the map requires energy in some way or form. Be it food, wood, good or stone. Making sure to collect them and moving on to the target is ideal.

The quicker the better.


Later on buildings get the priority as they can make it go quicker – but you got to keep upgrading them.

More and more get unlocked the further you go – but we aint gonna go that

Overall Thoughts

Looking for something that will get your week going for a cheap price. This is it, very simple premise and design. We played the first 10 levels and then just kept going. We loved its pick up and play ability.

Not the biggest game to play – as you can tell with the quick review – but at its price point – its worth it.  Solid 3/5 game.


For More Info

Steam Page –

Developer – Workroom7

Publisher – Workroom7

Released – 22 Feb, 2019

Time of Writing Price –  £4.79

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