The current name of our series of posts to throw a few curve balls to your ears. A few tracks to get you thinking and to get you moving. A few quick pieces to get you going – links attached.



Drahla – “Stimulus For Living”

Drahla are a Leeds-formed/ now London based three piece band are releasing a album in May. I got a chance to listen to a highlight track – Stimulus For Living.  The band was formed in late 2015  and have 3 sold out 7’’ singles and a 2017 highlight EP in Third Article.

First Listen Thoughts – Intro is weird but sets the scene. Slowly but surely the music starts – but we don’t know when.  When It properly starts, you the tones and the video itself is very alternative. Its still got that tone that hooks you in.  Which we loved to listen to.

There is good creative juices following here from the lyrics I don’t fully get, the good guitar and drums rhythm to the what sounds to me like wooden block hitting. It’s a band to look out for.

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The LaFontaines – “All In”

The LaFontaines are a band emerging from Scotland if the last few years have anything to go by. LaFontaines are aiming to deliver a unique sound that fuses a swagger on Kasabian Guitarts and hits an more edgy nature than The Streets.

First Listen Thoughts – What I would call the other end of the spectrum to what I normally listen to. A weird one to listen to in a good way. Its about brings you in, the energy in the song did it for me. Solid music behind his rapping words.

The video to it, is hard to follow. Trying to be a boxing film LIKE Creed but then having elements of Handmaids tale.  The visuals bring you in but the sound should knock you down.

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