An album which came to our attention thanks to the critically acclaimed song No Roots. We picked this up and gave it a few turns on the playlist for journeys and relaxed sessions with friends.  We loved it.

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About Alice Merton

Alice is a up and coming star to watch out for her. You will of heard of No Roots on the radio (If not you better Youtube it now), it was her breakout moment and she is looking to cement her run to the top. No Roots led to a madcap run of transcontinental gigs, interviews and tv performances.  Thanks to Paper Plane Records International her first album is here.


Album – Song By Song Thoughts

Learn To Live – Sparkling lyrics with an edge. Guitar and Drums – and then more layers – it just sets the ground running.

2 Kids – On initial listen to this one, didn’t get it.  But this is catchy, and it turns your head when you think about more.  About growing up, as 2 kids in a big city and its challenges.  The layering in this song is just great – finding that hidden beat when you listen to it more than once.

No Roots – The title song had us hooked already.  Heartbeat drums base with amazing layering of a variety of musical instruments.

Funny Business – Change of pace with a slower beat to begin with. A drum beat with a clap – akin to walking down a street.  Lyrically complex and catchy as you can get. Layering a song superbly.

Homesick – Piano intro with a straight forward catchy beat. Then it twists and turns in directions where the lyrics take it.

Lash Out –  Catchy lyrics and a good beat.  Deep meaning in the lyrics, the angry song of the album.

Speak Your Mind – It ebbs and flows out of “Lash Out”, in a great way.  A quiet anger to the lyrics.

I Don’t Hold a Grudge –  Making this a trio of songs partnered well.  It’s the move on song. Its more upbeat after a down beat song.  Re-finding a positive groove.

Honeymoon Heartbreak – In a way the love song of the album. But with the heartbreak element to it, songs lyrics always have a twist.  Slow beat and dramatic loud ending.

Trouble In Paradise – Change of pace. Hidden gem of a song in a stacked album. Complex lyrics with a catchy main line.  Good beat, good layering.

Why So Serious – A good conclusion. A sort of conclusion to her thoughts on life and relationships. So a conclusion song in general – probably to this chapter in her life.


Overall Thoughts

Echoing what we thought song by song – Layering of beats and music with catchy lyrics in each song. Most of the songs can stand by themselves well, the tailoring of how the album running in one listen is great too. It ebbs and flows perfect for a car journey for us.

You can easily identify each song separately and they are so well layered that identifying her sound in general is easily done. It’s a great album and hats off to her and her team that made this.


For More Info

Alice Merton Official Site – Click Here

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