A ensemble of musicians, artists and people, going back the name Gorillaz. Originally a band but you could consider it more an emsemble. Due to been a group of varying size and not everyone comes back each time. Variety is the spice of life.



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Track by Track Thoughts

Humility – The first track sets the tone of the album, varied beats with a varied tone. More of a dance track start with a laidback tone.

Tranz – We can never tell what direction this album takes and we only on the second track. Takes more of a trance angle to a dance track. Hard to describe.

Hollywood – More Rhythm and Blues with a Snoop Dogg Cameo. Catchy, still with a unpinning trance feel to the track.

Kansas – Chilled out track of the album. Like the tone of the vocals with some intriguing lyrics behind it.  One of the hidden gems of the album.  Like the changeup section that keeps the audience thinking – what direction will this album take.

Sorcererz – Another laid back track to add to the mid section.

Idaho – Very instrumental, other than the occasional yell of Idaho.

Lake Zurich – Another instrumental changeup song, where its all about the feel of the music.

Magic City – One of our favourites on the album. Its sounds like a dreamscape song – sat listening to someone dreaming.

Fire Flies – Feels like the most scaled back of the songs but still layers and layers in there.

One Percent – String instruments. Strangely got an 80s feel to it. Hidden gem of a song.

Souk Eye – A fitting conclusion.


Overall Thoughts

I like the fact they are always experimenting with their sound and are open to different people working with them.  From their starts in indie rock, they just keep throwing curveballs. Some curveballs did not fully hit the target for us but still a fitting experiment.


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