Early Access is always a risk but comes with some fruitful ideas that wouldn’t make it otherwise. Next up to get to Early Access is Mechanic Miner.

Danish Development team “Hello John” recently announced that Mechanic Miner hits PC Early Access yesterday and will launch with a 15% discount on its first week of release. This been at the cheap price of £14.99 already.


Mechanic Miner is a sandbox builder where the player has to collect resources to build crazy steam punk style steam-powered machines to survive. Surviving a hostile alien plan and acquiring new technologies as you go.

The player is limited only by their imagination. Its up to you whether you create a submarine, air balloon or a even a spider bot. Build them with the capacity to help you traverse the varieties of deadly terrain, the deadly elements but do not forget the aliens.


Its all about the experience. Take part in the adventure in Story Mode, where procedural environment means each run of the story will be different.

“Tick off the challenges, scour the environments for resources, mine, fight, and research new technologies to prevail. With over 50 physically-simulated building parts (and more to come), player creations will be as varied as the challenges they face. Your imagination and your ability to source the required components will be the key to your survival.”



We looked at the trailer and were surprising hooked and went into the news about it – and found us hooked more.  Just thinking of what we could create got our mouths watering.

Good graphically style with an intriguing concept. Cannot wait to see what direction this takes.

For More on Mechanic Miner

Their Site – Twitter – Facebook – Official Trailer

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