Looking for a quick concept game which gets more and more complex as it goes.


“Control the traffic flow by deciding when the cars can pass and avoid crashes! Click on the traffic lights to change their colors and make sure the drivers don’t get mad. You are the king of the highway, but you must act fast be keen to detail if you want to succeed.” – Steam Description


Red light, Amber Light, Green Light – All with button pressing. One or more lights in a top down traffic display and its all about timing the button presses in increasing complex scenarios.


It seems simple at first but once you get to the complex scenarios – it gets harder to judge gaps as you are watching multiple paths.

Then the cars at the lights will get angry if you leave them too long. Hint – don’t forget to clean up your messes if crashes occur – it makes them get worse.


Traffic Management in its simplest form – traffic light button pressing. It only holds attention for so long but keeps the pace that you need. Its a game to start off with and take it short bites.

Would of likely had more impact on tablet or mobile.


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