Its weird to think we are ending the year soon, so we thought we would start the look back on what has helped us over this year. First up is our Music posts, where you always find a good gem or two.  Thrown a few personal things in this one – to show you what cause me the most, as usual links at the bottom.


Lovelytheband – Broken

Lovelytheband is a band that focuses on emotions, anxieties and feelings and translated them into layered lively indie tunes. A band debuted in 2017, hitting good acclaim in USA and released their album Finding It Hard To Smile last year.

Song Thoughts – A song that hit YouTube originally in Sept, 2017 but only hit shores of Britain in late 2018.  I got to listen to it through a UK Radio Station Radio X. This was a song that helped me personally get through a difficult period.  The main lyric caught me the most and the way it blends in the drums and guitar just perfect.

“I like that you are broken, broken like me. Maybe makes me a fool.  I like that you are lonely, lonely like me. I could be lonely with you.”


Alice Merton – Roots

Alice Merton is a singer/songwriter who according to her Wiki Page was born in Frankfurt, Germany. Merton’s single “No Roots” helped her reach some mainstream success with it hitting the number 1 spot in France.

Song Thoughts – Another one that hit into 2017 but was a record of the week on Radio X. Its so catchy its ridiculous.  Guitars, check. Wicked Catchy Lyrics, check. Caught me off guard,  the first time I listened to it.

“I got no roots, but my home was never on the ground” 

Its all about the journey and where it takes you. This song definitely does that.



What songs got you through 2019?



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