When we pick games we look for a game to challenge the norm and be different.  Enter Golftopia – perfect for those of us who like Tycoon games and Golf Games.  With a good twist.



Design, build and manage your own golf course set in the future.  Aim to keep 200 persistent guests fed, hydrated and happy.  Defend your creation from harm with robotic workers and defensive turrets. Keep building your course and evolving it to a mega resort where no one ever wants to go home.


Initial Thoughts

Build your own golf course? Sign me up, its looks terrific with its art style and its setting of the future makes the possibilities endless.

You can build a traditional course or you can twist it in such a way that will make you wish it was a reality.   Think Theme Park Tycoon with a golf futuristic twist.

Cannot wait to see more.

For More Info

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