We got to play the latest game from Joe Richardson. An indie developer who focuses on small logic-driven worlds with an intriguing art style.



This game is a point and click based in the world of Renaissance paintings with a Pythonesque adventure thrown in.

The story itself focuses on the Holy War. The war is now over and your oppressors have been vanished. The Churches of the old god lay in ruin whilst you have murdered thousands of innocent people already.

However Heavenly Peter has escaped your clutches and you task yourself with finding him.  Tasks in the game include stealing a ship, feeding a donkey, competing in a talent contest, assisting a inept street magician, sing, dance, play the flute, poke a man’s face, hunt for treasure or even have a chat with Our Lord God Almighty.

On this 4-5 hour adventure, tasks will be weird but the witty nature will keep you laughing throughout.




It is a traditional Point and Click with a “verb coin” interaction menu and a simple inventory to keep things simple.

Its art style is the Renaissance artwork of Rembrandt, Botticelli, Michelangelo and a few others brought into a consistent world across all the paintings picked.  Added to that a classical music soundtrack with composers such as Vivaldi, Bach and Handel accompanying the world.



A good game filled of nonsense and moments of surprising profundity – as it predicts. It can be very random at times with a “optional murder” feature which was funny once we found it.  Funny due to the fact, it took us twenty minutes to find it and we had our sword out and ended up down a consequence filled next level – (but then we took out the sword again).  “Queue evil laughter”.

For its price and 5 hours of game play – good solid game with a great imagery.  4/5 rating.


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The Procession to Calvary is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux for USD $9.99, EUR €8.99, GBP £7.99.

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