If you have Wreckfest, prepare for the next wave of carnage.  Its worth of note, yes there is a season pass but this Tournament update is free!!!

Below are details of the Tournament update and the latest Car Pack from the season pass.

Free Tournament Update

Features include challenges which include daily, weekly and monthly variations. Each will have a different reward tier with the longer challenges been bigger prizes. None of these challenges need longer than 5 to 10 minutes of your time.

When playing the challenges, more you do – more you get. You will increase your fame for exclusive in-game loot (a unique vehicle, car skins, vanity items and other cosmetic items).

Disclaimer – You do not need any DLCs to use a DLC car in a challenge. They say – Think of it as a testdrive where the condition in which you return the vehicle does not matter much.


Now to the Tournament part of the free update.  Tournament mode brings forward 4 new modes with more modes released every month.

Coming in the update so far:

  • Rumble Race: more or less a typical racing event on a track
  • Score Streak: derby mode, cause as much damage as possible to gain score
  • Rampage Rush Derby: Wreck as many as you can or as quickly as you can
  • Rampage Rush Race: Wreck as many as you can or as quickly as you can


Tournament YouTube Trailer Link



Also out is Car Pack 5 – aka American All-Stars Car Pack, this is the fifth car pack of the season pass. It includes 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations and some additional cart customization like armor, rims and more.

Make some room in your garage for these 3 All-American icons! The American All-Star Car Pack is out today on all platforms for $3.99 | €3.99 | £3.29.

  • Grand Duke: The king is back! This derby classic is so tough and heavy hitting it’ll survive even the craziest races!
  • Wildking: A true American icon with lots of muscle and a surprising amount of agility.
  • Little Thrasher: Stand out from the masses with this strong truck that packs a punch.


The American All-Stars Car Pack is the fifth Car Pack and part of the Season Pass, which is including 20 new cars, 20 special roof decorations and additional car customizations like armor, rims and more. This new content will be released step by step, along with free content updates.


Overall Thoughts

The free update looks very appealing to us with the added notion of test driving the cars to see if that DLC is worth buying now.  Adding new racing modes is great to see also – as a game is only as good as the variety it has. Replay-ability is key with the games we play.

Looking at the current price of the game plus the Season pass on Steam taking it to £50. The average “AAA” title.  Is it value for money? Yes, especially if you love racing games.

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Information and Pictures provided by Evolve PR/ THQ Nordic.  Thoughts as always are own.

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